Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eric by Terry Pratchett

Eric (Discworld, #9)

Eric is another Rincewind novel that picks up after the events of Sourcery. It's kind of a twisted version of the Faust tale. The most memorable bit is that Rincewind and his traveling companion Eric go to the beginning of the Discworld's existence and meet the Creator himself. The funny little man seems to have a lot in common with the man who's picture is on the back cover of the book.

Couple special notes about this book. Bought it at Half Price Books on Harwood, and it came on our road trip to Illinois to Bridget's Grandparents. Finished it while I was there. When we returned from our vacation, it was the first book that I've donated to be put directly in the stacks at the Euless Public Library. That's right, I know people... granted she misplaced it and it took a few months before it found it's way to the stacks. It wasn't and won't be the last book I'll get on those stacks.

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