Monday, August 27, 2007

Preview of GW:EN

Really Quite Ugly

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The new expansion for Guild Wars, Eye of the North, had a preview over the weekend. Pretty cool. I'm glad that there is more to explore. I really hope they listen to the player community and make changes to the much touted Hall of Monuments... cause it was a bit of a let down.

Here's one of the giant monsters in the new Guild Wars expansion. I really didn't realize how ugly this guy was, until I stopped to snap a picture. What a face... maybe some botox is in order?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Unwaking Waters aka Stupid Me

Unwaking Waters

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So I was mistaken, it happens more often than I'd like.

Turns out there is a resurrection thingie in the Unwaking Waters area... just the other faction had control of it. Of course this last time when I actually discover this, I ended up not needing it... since I actually took my time and stayed out of trouble. I also learned that I could backtrack into the Luxon areas, meaning I don't have to do the stupid guard the baby turtles mission to get to those Luxon areas.

Got those last 3 Elite Mesmer Skills! Now on to the Ranger skills, methinks.

3 More Mesmer Elites Left


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I'm 3 Elite skill caps away from having all the Mesmer elites (I already have all the necromancer elites capped). Unfortunately 2 are on the Ring of Fire Islands, and 1 is in the Unwaking Waters in Cantha. I died on the Ring of Fire mission last night when my team of super smart heroes/henchies agro'd a bunch of drakes who burned us to the ground. Then the power went out (thunderstorm) and after sitting in the dark for a couple minutes decided to put up playing for the night even after the power kicked back on.

I tried the Unwaking Waters area a couple times earlier this week... there's no resurrect locations in that explorable area. That REALLY sucks. That and the guy I'm trying to get is hiding behind a Elementalist boss, a group of Oni, and a bunch of Mobs.

Getting those last Elites won't be that bad, but it'll take some time. Time hasn't been in great abundance lately. Katie demands her share which is significant, but I don't mind giving it to her.

With Super Metroid coming out on Virtual Console next week, I don't Guild Wars will be getting much of my time. Granted that the week following that the Guild Wars Expansion will be on the scene, so I won't be neglecting it for long.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Katie and Wii

Katie and Wii

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You got to start these kids early on them video games, or they just don't come out right. Here's Katie hanging on to the Wiimote (luckily it's my wife's wiimote, mine is safely hidden). Granted she isn't actually looking at the TV and she hasn't figured out that the controller is more than just a bang stick... but it's a start.

Security Theater

"International terrorism annually causes the same number of deaths as drowning in bathtubs or bee stings. It would take a repeat of Sept. 11 every month of the year to make flying as dangerous as driving. Over a lifetime, the chance of being killed by a terrorist is about the same as being struck by a meteor."

Wake up America... and please let me go into an airport without having to take my shoes off.

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