Friday, December 19, 2008

Guild Wars Is An Experiment That Worked

Here's a reprint of an article talking about the success of Guild Wars in the face of subscription based MMOs. Its the no subscription that got me playing this game, but it is the design philosophy that has kept me playing. It is not a grind-based game. You don't have to play hours on end to find enjoyment in it. Without the subscription you can also stop playing for a while, get a few things done in the real world, and not feel like you've wasted money while not playing.

Thank you ArenaNet!

From Digg:
“Our design goal when creating ‘Guild Wars’ was this: ‘If I’ve got 30 minutes before dinner, will I have fun playing this game?’” says Strain.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunspear Max Title

Managed to get my main Guild Wars character to max rank in the Sunspear Title Track. I've been sitting somewhere in rank 9 for quite a while. Luckily with the great Title Rebalance of Nov 13, 2008 it made it much easier to hammer out those last title points.

The trick is they added sunspear point awards for vanquishing areas in Elona. This is something I was needing to do anyway, so getting the points was a nice bonus. It'll be a while before I can vanquish all areas in any of the campaigns, but it's a start. I'm also trying to finish the cartographer title in Elona as it is the only one I am missing.

I'll probably work on the Kurzick title too as the title rebalance has made that easier and more enjoyable to boot.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me and the Frog

Me and the Frog

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Okay, so maybe I have a couple screen shots to show off. This is from Halloween 2008. I was up at in the wee hours because one of the kids decided to wake us, and I figure it was time to sneak over to the computer for some Halloween party time!

Not only did I get both festival hats (the "Zombie Paint" mask is in the pic), but saw some celebrities (well to me anyway). The frog in the picture belongs to Gaile Gray the former Community Relations Manager for the game. It's always cool when she shows up.

Guild Wars-ian Update and Thoughts

I've been keeping my notes on Guild Wars progress in Google Notebook lately, when I should post it out here. I know no one cares but at least it would be archived and I'd actually be using this blog for something. Usually I wait until I have some good screen shots to post up, but I think I'll forgo that more in the future.

So what's going on in the Guild Wars universe... well I don't have time to say. Ha! Let's see if I get around to it later.