Friday, October 5, 2007

RIAA Jury Finds Minnesota Woman Liable for Piracy, Awards $222,000

There's something wrong with this country. When will members of a jury realize that they have the power of determining justice, no matter what jury instructions the judge hands them. This could have easily been different if a juror had the guts to say such a verdict and award is unjust. There is no reason on this Earth that 25 songs made available for copying free of charge (though there's no real evidence this even occurred) would warrant the awarding of over $9K per song. Songs sell these days for $0.99 or less, so at most the award should have been $25... 'nuff said.

If our representatives in Congress had any scruples, character, or honor they could at least change the copyright law so that it only takes effect if profit is involved. When I was a child, sharing was a virtue parents wanted them to learn. This is a sad day for America and the human race as a whole. All the members of the RIAA should be ashamed of themselves and I hope this story get picked up by mainstream media resulting in everyone boycotting music purchases all together.

From digg:
Recording Industry Association of America defendant Jammie Thomas was found liable Thursday for copyright piracy in the nation's first file-sharing case to go before a jury.

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