Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fox in Residence

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I was on our enclosed porch the other day feeding the cats, when I saw something moving in the backyard. At first I thought it was a cat, as that's not out of the ordinary. Only took a moment to realize that was a wrong assessment.

A gray fox padded its way right onto the patio. He (or she) sat there for a bit scratching itself and otherwise acting like he owned the place. Didn't see me or the cats due to the solar screen (wonderful invention).

I snapped a couple videos since the normal pictures didn't work through the solar screens (so there is a small drawback to them). We saw the fox wandering down the neighborhood street last night, and he was sitting out there this morning as well.

Bridget called animal control the other day, but they just told her to leave the fox alone since it's a wild animal and it would probably go on its own. I'll be giving them a call tomorrow and letting them know that the critter seems to have made a home. That and taking a stroll down the middle of the street can't be normal behavior.

I'm personally not bother too much, because I'm sure it's eating up the vermin. Which is one less thing I have to worry about. I just don't want the kids down the block at rabies risk... or having a fox get in our garage.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here Comes Randal

Here Comes Randal

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I thought I'd actually post something about my newly born son on my blog. I'm afraid all the posts about him have so far only gone onto the family blog and nothing has made its way to my blog. He was born a week ago at 2:29 p.m., weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long.

He's been a gem of a baby so far. Sleeps all the time and isn't even bothered by the invariably loud racket his sister makes running through the house. Speaking of his big sister, Katie the 2 year old, is taking things rather well. She's a bit clingy and needy, but not terribly so. We're doing our best to make her feel very important and loved.

Randal has been getting gifts like crazy. Here are two of my favorite so far. A blue monster named Big Toe and a bib stating "Here Comes Randal." The latter being a reference to one of my favorite films, Clerks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dark Jedi's Birthday and Impending Birth of the Brother


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My little dark jedi of a daughter had her 2nd birthday over the weekend. Katie got to eat a lot of cupcake and ran around in a sugar infused frenzy. We had more than enough relatives to fill her grandparents house, so much so that she played shy for quite a while when we first arrived.

Tomorrow she's in for a bigger shock. If all goes as planned she's becoming a big sister. Bridget is scheduled to be induced tomorrow at 7am... well that's when we're supposed to get there at any rate. We'll see how long it takes for the boy to come out... took Katie all day but 2nd babies come out faster... so THEY say.

Keep an eye on the family blog at for news and pictures. I'll be posting them directly from my fancy pants cellphone. Everyone send the happy vibes so that every thing will go wonderfully!

Oh, and I just found out that my cousin Brad and his wife Bri are pregnant. The family tree just keep getting bigger!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Titles

More Titles

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Not long ago my main character in Guild Wars, Satine the Necromancer, had no titles... and I hadn't really even bothered with it. Then I noticed how close I was to getting the Protector of Tyria title, and I decided to give it a go. Now I'm all about the titles... well at least the ones I think are accomplish-able.

I have to say the Cartographer title has been the biggest pain so far. I wouldn't have even bothered if I hadn't come across a texture replacement utility that makes it easier to see what parts of the map haven't been explored yet. I'll move on to mapping the other two continents once I'm done capping elite skills.

I've got all the Elonian elites and am almost done with Prophesies. Next will come the elites from Factions, which I already have quite a few of... but the biggies (Assassin and Ritualist) have barely been touched. It is so much fun capping, because you get a feeling of accomplishment checking another item off the list.

Granted I'm fully aware that all my time spent on this game is like working in a factory that produces products that will never be sold. One day the game servers will be turned off and what will I have to show for the time lost. Still it serves as a nice distraction to throw my excess energy or frustrations at, which keeps me happy productive member of my family. Better I'm playing this game once everyone's asleep that getting into trouble somewhere, right?

Well with the new kid about to come into our world demanding feedings and diaper changes... the game is going on backseat duty. I bet I'll squeeze in some time though... probably when I should be taking a nap. Crazy time, here we come!