Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PlayStation 2 Trackball Controller

The wife just got Star Wars Battlefront for the PlayStation 2 and I found the controls horrible compared to the PC version. Well if a trackball could be added to the controller it would solve all my problems with FPS on the PS2.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Dance of Fools

Yes, my wife and I have been watching Dancing with the Stars. We took dancing lessons last fall in preparation for our wedding, so our interest in the show is understandable. We've been fans of John O'Hurley and his dancing partner Charlotte since we started watching about halfway into the series.

The final was tonight and it turns out we've got another Twenty-One on our hands. John and Charlotte didn't win even though they got straight 9's in both dances. The other couple got an 8 and two 9's during their first dance... then managed to get straight 10's on the second.

Excuse me?

No one had gotten even one 10 up to that point, and here they get 3? I could even tell they screwed up lots during that last dance, and I can't even remember those classes we took. I'm sorry I thought this was supposed to be a competition... turns out it was a afternoon TV special about an soap opera star learning to overcome adversity. I don't even care about who won... but this was the most blatant example of a fixed show I've ever witnessed.

I may as well have watched a touchy feel good Disney movie... oh wait I just did!