Friday, October 24, 2003

Links to Keep

Thought I'd write up something the show off some links I found. First is the Public Library of Science, which is a science journal publishing house dedicated to the free distribution of information to the public. Their journals are made available online for free. The first journal to be published is PLoS Biology and the first issue is available now.

For all you web page kiddies out there who think that font tags are cool, think again. Cascading Style Sheets is the way to go. If you don't believe me then check out the Zen Garden and take note that all the different designs available there are created by only changing the style sheets. The main HTML doesn't change. How's that for the separation of style and content!?!

Now for a few miscellaneous links... How about learning Esperanto!?! Then you could learn about that hilarious comedy called Red Dwarf. I also love finding freeware! Post a few pictures using your cell phone on Buzznet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Musical Diatribe

The world moves to a beat. Sometimes that beat is at a quick tempo, others slow and steady. Often there is an undercurrent of music, sometimes sinister and other times serene.

Each day carries it own score. Eyes open and the beat begins. Sometimes the merry tunes of dreamland come with us as we begin our day, other times those fanciful notes from the mind's foggy regions are cut off abruptly leaving only the sounds of the harsh world. Many times the mind is flooded with the thoughts of the day's duties, which like a group of musicians warming up before a performance spoils any previous mood with confusing noise.

Music frees the mind. It can reset the beat which we work and play by. Calming and soothing at times, or perhaps agitating at others. Music is meant to be heard, as it is the heart's expression of the mind's thoughts. Without music this world would lose its heart and be a place vacant of joy.