Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving 2003

It is once again time to post all the links I've been saving up! Also it happens to be Thanksgiving and i have plenty to be thankful for. Of course I'll be more thankful once my girlfriend gets back from her trip to Chicago, but that won't be too long.

First lets give a nod to the open source movement with a link to the TheOpenCD project which is working towards a more wider adoption of open source applications. The slides into another little project called Opsound - Open Sound Resource which provides music that can be used by anyone for mixing or whatever. A few other music sites with an open slant are loca records, magnatune, and the berklee shares project for free music education.

On a lighter note here is a page giving a funny yet not all together wrong picture of students from Texas universities. As a matter of public safety here's an article on What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down? For any of you interested in the worlds created by a company called Cyan (think Myst), they have a new world to explore called Uru.

Hey all you Dr. Who fans! Did you know that the BBC has been producing online flash animated webcasts of our dear doctor, including Shada and Scream of the Shalka. I even came across an article on the old shows music.