Saturday, September 7, 2002

Back to School

I've started back to school again, this times a Masters from the School of Library and Information Sciences. Don't be so surprised, I have worked in a library before. Actually its the Information Science bit that I'm interested in.

I actually took note of the slis school 3 years ago when I was working on my first degree. I still can't believe its been three years since I got out of school and into that corporate cubicle job. This whole going back to school thing is to help me find a way out of that little box... at least that's what I'm hoping.

It does feel great to be a student again. It also feels good to be surrounded by people with similiar interests... and age for that matter. I feel so out of place at work sometimes... especially if I end up in a room filled with folks talking in languages I don't understand.

The preceeding has been my take on my current state of being... to be updated... you know, when ever.