Tuesday, August 13, 2002


I find life quite amazing at times. I'll just be sitting around thinking about this or that, and then all of a sudden it dawns on me how incredible it is that any of us are here at all. After this sudden shock I usually stop and look at how we've altered our world. Here we are a bunch of silly little monkey's that only 150K years ago weren't even people. Now we've paved a lot of the earth, drive around in metallic beasts of burden (which belch toxic fumes), and communicate with each other through the nothingness of space by speaking into small plastic bricks.

Of course that's just a cursory glance. My mother was laughing at me the other day, because she found it odd that I was staring at my hand while I wiggled my fingers. Have you ever stopped and looked at your hands. They're rather amazing creations, with all that marvelous dexterity and all. The human face is another fascinating art piece created by nature's complexities. I just find it overwhelming at times that we're here at all... and yet here we are.

I guess this is the basis of my faith in God, time, the universe... whatever. I do think we're all guided by something. A soul which tries to guide us along a path. Kind of like the itinerary on a tour. You're suppose to go to point A by this time, and point B at that time. Now what you actually do in the process of going from point A to B... well that's just free will. Its just a kooky old place... existence.