Thursday, October 2, 2008

There and Back Again


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Thought I'd throw out a post just to have something on here. Bridget, the kids, and I got back last week from a trip to Illinois to visit my wife's grandparents. That's over 2,000 miles in my Dad's Tahoe, which he so kindly let us borrow. Filling that monster up with gas was expensive, but better than a car rental payment + gas or plane tickets.

We survived and had a great time. Happy to back though, and even happier to get into my swivel chair in my office at work. It's so quiet in my office, very refreshing after a week with my very vocal children. I love them to bits, but after the 50th time of hearing "What'cha doin?" you long for a moments silence.

My parents just left for a trip of their own, so our babysitters are gone. We'll make up for it by crashing at their house and eating all their food. I'll probably even use my old shower at least once while their out. Love that shower, small tomb of a thing that steams up like a sauna. And it has a door, not a shower curtain... oh, it's the little things that make life good.

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Your First Born said...

I'm Kari the Babysitter!!!