Saturday, April 13, 2002


I went to a party last night. Its been a while since I've been to a normal old party, probably not since I had a roommate. That of course was about 2 years ago. Speaking of my old roommate, he would have been quite pleased with this party since there were about 6 girls there with red hair. He had a thing for redheads... granted he's married now so I guess he can't even enjoy that anymore, pity.

The party offered wonderful flashbacks to others I've been to. Watching all the funny little people get themselves more and more intoxicated as the night wears on. It was fun, but I just don't think I fit in with that kind of scene. No, I didn't have anything to drink. I really wasn't in the mood, and my natural tendancy is to hold onto my faculties as best I can when entering into a new situation. Sorry, its just the way I am. I did devour half a bag of ranch flavored ruffles... they were REALLY good. So see, I found something else I liked through that experience.


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