Thursday, April 18, 2002


What's is a name? A label, an identifier, and the symbol of self we ascribe to ourselves. From the earliest stirrings of conscientiousness we are greeted with this attribute of definition handed down to us by those that brought us into the world. So, what does your name mean?

If you look up my name, Adam, you find that its of course the name of the first man ever to have one. The name literally means "earth", and apparently isn't used as a name in the language it comes from. The name is used for "man", as in a person. So I suppose I really don't have a name of my own, I'm just some human or another. Just another sack of dirt pretending to be alive for a while, until such time that I return to the ground. This is me.

Now I also came across a site that proclaims that my name has influence on my life, and thus plays with the threads of fate. I don't know how much stock I put into that, especially when you consider the same description came up for three of my friends' names. Its still fun to look at though, and in my opinion the description for my name fits me rather well.

So does your name hold special power over you, and what happens if you changed your name? In such a case, what is your true name? Is it something held deep inside, only to revealed at some important moment?

Who knows?

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