Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Few More Books

So I got a few more books posted on this thing. I'll try and get some more done soon. On a side note I'm listening to the last Harry Potter book on CD right now. It's the second time through the book for me, the first being when I read it the weekend it came out. Long enough to forget almost all the details.

Some of my misgivings during the first read through have faded, but I still think the middle section where they're on the eternal camp out could be better. I'd almost rather be reading about what Ginny and the other Hogwarts students are doing that watching Harry and company scratching their heads. Seems like she could have interwoven the stories a bit... not being at Hogwarts for most of the book is my biggest reservation.

I was always bothered by how the trio were camping in the woods and happened to overhear a conversation between some wizards and goblins. To contrived that they'd just happen to hear key information while out in the middle of nowhere. If JK Rowling had them overhearing many conversations and then finally the one with the juicy tid-bits... that would've been more convincing.

I wouldn't mind it if someday she decided to go back and rewrite portions of the series from other character's perspectives. Longbottom, Ginny, and even Dumbledore would be great. I figure at some point she'll come back to it, because let's face it she's a one trick pony... unless she proves me wrong.

I'll do a proper post on Deathly Hallows once I'm done with it.

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