Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Species Confused Duck


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My daughter received a package on our doorstep. Inside was a duck. The duck in question flaps his wings singing the chicken dance song... quacking instead of clucking.

It is amazingly funny to watch my little girl flapping her arms along with the plush critter. Still I have to pause for a little head scratching... I mean it is the CHICKEN dance... and it's a DUCK. Guess there isn't an equivalent duck dance song.

Species confused fowl aside, Easter weekend was a lot of fun albeit exhausting. Eggs were colored, hidden, and gathered. The new baby's room was cleaned, a new (used) changing table and crib were bought, and double stroller was also purchased. All in all a tiring holiday.

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Your wife said...

Thankfully it is now at it's new home of the GRANDPARENTS!!!!!