Thursday, December 6, 2007

Having Some Lunch at Midway Park

Midway Park, Euless, TX

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Not the best picture, but let me say the view was much with the shiny in person.

I was just kicking back eating my lunch listening to the This Week in Science podcast. They had some cool discussions on evolution, empathy in mice vs humans (mice feel each others pain, while humans tend to bust out laughing), and some neat finding in brain science. Just started listening to this one and I have to say that it's a winner.

Also read another chapter in the book I'm devouring... I'll save telling the title until I'm done and make a post about it. Patience my friends, patience.

On the home front, tonight I have to work on my wife's PC... getting it ready to give to my parents since theirs is about to give up the ghost.

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