Thursday, March 22, 2007

Phoenix for Now


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When I finally beat Factions the other day with my Necromancer, I ditched the giant blue crab pet for a spiffy new phoenix. This pet shows to everyone that you finished Factions, because it can only be tamed post last battle. I won't have it long though.

One of my long term goals is to have a pet spider. They can only be found in the underworld, which is usually a pain to get to. You have to pony up 1K gold and the gods must show your region favor. The favor thing ties to the PVP matches. If your country of origin is higher in the standings or not.

Well this weekend is an event where you can get into the underworld for free and sans favor. I'm going to rustle up my heros, and maybe a friend, to see if I can get me a spider. Then I can cross that accomplishment off my list.

So long my phoenix, I hardly new you.

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FlipSide said...

I tried the UnderWorld myself with some heroes... it didn't go well. At that point I still had my phoenix, cause I wanted to see how bad the UW was before I ditched it. I pretty much gave up hope on the UW Weekend.

Then Sunday night I got in with a group of Alliance and Guild members. If you know anything about how I play Guild Wars, you'll know I rarely play with others. It was actually a lot of fun!

I dropped my phoenix even though there wasn't much chance of getting a spider. I can always go get another green bird, they're pretty easy to pick up now that I've beaten Raisu Palace. I got to see the northeast corner of the UW. No spider, but had fun.

Maybe hooking up with a spider run group won't be such a bad thing. I also added all the people from last night's group to my friends list. Might have someone to run with now.