Friday, March 15, 2002

Big Day!

It was a big day today. Not only did I get half the day off, but I also meet with my grad school advisor. It went well and I think I'm on my way to another degree. Oh, but wait it gets SO much better! I also went over to CD Warehouse to check out some music... and guess what I found!?! Lisa Loeb has a new album out! This might not thrill everyone, but it sure made me happy. The odd thing is I haven't listened to any of her music in a while, and just this week I took the time to listen to both her other CDs. A little peculiar, no?

There's more! I also went with a friend to see Ice Age today. Its a kids movie, but a really good one. My friend thought the story was a bit trite, but that the animation was good. I think the animation was great, and I also thought the story was pretty good. Yes it was a bit simplistic, but the main audience is the younger set. Personnally, it yanked at my heartstrings in a couple of spots, but then I'm a sucker for that stuff. All in all a must see.

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