Monday, November 29, 2010

Connor the Cat

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My wife saved Connor from the shelter the October before I started seeing her. So he had been along for the ride since the beginning. We still joke about the first night he was in my home and knocked a jar off the top of the fridge in the middle of the night.

"That was glass!" was my reaction upon suddenly waking. I have a gift for stating the obvious.

Of the two cats that became a part of my life, Satine being the other one, Connor was both the main source of love and pain. He was constantly wanting love and attention. While Satine will accept a head scratch, Connor would wallow in your lap. Sometimes it would be hard to sleep with him purring by my side at night.

This was good and bad as he could be very annoying at times. Though you always knew he valued you, at least as the provider of food and attention. Too bad we were feeding him the wrong food.

Turns out that dry food isn't the best for cats (especially him it turns out). You think you're being nice by keeping his bowl full, but really you're just enabling him to eat himself to death. In the end much of the bad behavior, for which there was a lot, could be attributed to his diet slowly killing him. At least Satine will benefit from the knowledge gained by his demise. She's getting her food out of a can now.

So on November 10, 2010 we lost our orange lump of a cat. For all the trouble, he was a good kitty and I will miss him.

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