Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ignore the World


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Sometimes I wish I could ignore the world the way my son can.

The last week or so has been a tad crazy. I almost had to serve as a juror on a murder trial, found out that my car's air conditioning is broken instead of just needing a coolant refill, and my daughter has decided that climbing out of her crib is fun. So, tonight we have to get a toddler bed from some friends and hope Katie takes to it.

As far as the car goes, it'd be really great if we could find a mini-van or a small SUV. The main problem is we already have a car payment and we're broke as it is. Figure I'll just have to sweat it out and hope that I can make it to the fall when these 100 degree days will go away.

Once upon a time, I could actually save money every month and was practically debt free. Oh how getting married and having kids can change all that. All well, have to make the best of what I've got, which are two great kids and a wonderful wife... along with two annoying cats.

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