Monday, May 19, 2008

Lily and Katie

Lily and Katie

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The daughter of one of my best-est friends in the whole wide world came for a quick visit yesterday. Honestly I had completely forgotten when they were going to visit. I knew they where coming, but when was just a vague tickle in the back of my brain.

I'm glad I answered my cellphone, since I don't alway answer numbers I don't recognize. The last time I saw Lily, she wasn't all that much bigger that Katie. She's a darling young lady now, and looks just like her Mom did way back when.

Lily was quite impressed with Katie's smartness, calling her "quite advanced". Katie was rattling off the ABC song most of the time and counted her numbers up to around 7. For an almost 2 year old, I guess that's pretty good.

The next time we see Lily and her Grandma Marion will probably be in October 2009, and I can't wait!

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