Friday, April 25, 2008

Beating Guild Wars (Prophecies)... Again

The 3rd anniversary of Guild Wars is just around the corner (and my 31st birthday on the same day). To celebrate they made some additions to the ending of the original Guild Wars campaign, giving it a real ending with rewards. Last night I decided to check it out and marched my team of miscreants back up to Hell's Precipice.

The team died once, but that's because I wasn't paying attention. It went rather well after that misstep. Ending as it must with an Undead Prince Rurik (dead again), and the Lich Lord with him.

Killed Him Again

Which took me to the new ending area where you can chat it up with all the NPCs you met along the way. It was a nice touch and really fits with the endings the made for the other campaigns and expansion. Ties a few plot bits up too and the expansion fit a little better into the storyline.

New Prophesies Ending Area

I even got myself a fancy new staff. Funny thing is that after making over half a dozen characters, I realized the only one I really use... and thus the only one I should be getting stuff for is this character, my necromancer. Thing is all the other end game items I've acquired I gave to other characters... so even though she really didn't need a new weapon, she deserves to get this one.

Deldrimor Staff

But lest you think I spent my time re-beating the game just for a shiny new stick, my time at Hell's Precipice was well spent with other pursuits too. I capped an Elite (since I'm back doing that now that I finally purchased the skill trainer for my Guild Hall) from Rurik himself, no less. I also mapped what I could and now am proud to say I've hit 99% on the Tyrian Cartographer title. Getting that last 1% is going to drive me insane.

Almost There...

Just for fun, here's a little picture of the Edge of the World that I ran into while messing around the Northern Shiverpeaks the other day.

The Edge of the World

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