Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Use Your Wii as a Media Center

I tried this a while back. Didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Actually I have a number of avenues now for getting media from my computer to my TV, and I'm still trying new ones as time allows.

The silly thing is that I spend so much time trying to set up these grand media players, and when it's all working... I can't find anything I want to watch or listen to. I guess that is the geekiness of it all. Really don't have time to watch much or listen to music anyway.

By far the best set up has been through the xbox360. Streaming works great for music and almost great for video. What works bestest is burning music, video, or even pictures to a disc (CD or DVD) and watching them through the 360. Defeats the purpose of networking everything together, but it's still true. If only Pandora would work through the 360, I'd be very happy. Also if Netflix comes through on the rumors of streaming their online catalog to the 360, I'll be ecstatic.

From digg:
The best thing the Nintendo Wii got going for it is the excellent Opera web browser, but web browsing with the Wii remote is still a bit klunky. Luckily, using that very same browser, you can turn your Wii into a full-fledged media center with the freeware Windows application Orb. Here's how

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