Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Speaking of Lego Star Wars

Lately, Bridget and I have been playing lots of Lego Star Wars on the Xbox 360. There is a hidden red brick on each level which once acquired allows you to purchase extra features (like invincibility) with the in-game money. I've been shooting for the 10X money extra and for the most part ignoring everything else I could buy.

Well with Bridget's help we got the insane amount of Lego money to get the 10X thingie, twenty million credits! What helped is that along the way we unlocked and purchased the 2X and then the 4X money doodad. They actually multiply together, so it now collects at 80X the normal amount of credit drops. I did a quick run of a level that at the start yielded maybe 50K to 100K credits... yea, now I'm pulling 5 million on the same run. MwaHaHa!!!

Now we can unlock everything else in no time. So much fun!!!

If only there were an 80X money thingie in real life...

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