Monday, December 31, 2007

The New World by Michael A. Stackpole

The New World by Michael A. Stackpole

The final book in the Age of Discovery series... and what a great ending! Taken as a whole this series is a meditation on magic, gods, and civilization in a fantasy world. A great example of world building.

As the plot lines began weaving back together near the end of the tale, I found myself smiling and even giggling with small details mentioned in the earlier books popping up again as key plot elements. For once I was even satisfied when I figured out plot twists in advance, probably because there were plenty I didn't see coming. I couldn't put these books down and felt at a loss when forced to.

This is the first series by Stackpole that I've read besides one of his X-Wing books. I became a fame of his a while before reading even the Star Wars novel by listening to his podcast The Secrets. Though I may never become a writer myself, I find the art and its mechanics fascinating.

Can't wait to find another book by Michael A. Stackpole to read.

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