Friday, September 14, 2007

Mole Man Versus Dead Head

Mole Man Versus Dead Head

Originally uploaded by FlipSide3.

Let the battle of the super freaks begin!

I haven't posted any recent snapshots from Guild Wars, but here's an older one that I think is funny.

Here's my latest Guild Wars update. Satine the necromancer has captured all the necromancer and mesmer elite skills. She is also 9 elites away from having the ranger elites done. Haven't pressed any further into GWEN as I've been busy getting these elites.

Also Flipside my elementalist has made significant headway into nightfall. He saved Kormir, completing a mission Satine didn't even do. He is now one mission away from getting to Vabbi. It is sad that I now have 2 characters further along in nightfall than the dervish from that campaign.

My ranger the Old Hippie Dude is plugging away through Factions. My goal with him is to get the the Luxon capital of Cavalon and acquire some normal Luxon armor (I think it looks better than the prestige version). He defeated the Krakken last night and is on his way to a brief skirmish with Shiro. After that Cavalon awaits.

As a bonus my ranger captured the elite skill Barrage last night... which should make things a lot more fun.

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