Friday, August 17, 2007

3 More Mesmer Elites Left


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I'm 3 Elite skill caps away from having all the Mesmer elites (I already have all the necromancer elites capped). Unfortunately 2 are on the Ring of Fire Islands, and 1 is in the Unwaking Waters in Cantha. I died on the Ring of Fire mission last night when my team of super smart heroes/henchies agro'd a bunch of drakes who burned us to the ground. Then the power went out (thunderstorm) and after sitting in the dark for a couple minutes decided to put up playing for the night even after the power kicked back on.

I tried the Unwaking Waters area a couple times earlier this week... there's no resurrect locations in that explorable area. That REALLY sucks. That and the guy I'm trying to get is hiding behind a Elementalist boss, a group of Oni, and a bunch of Mobs.

Getting those last Elites won't be that bad, but it'll take some time. Time hasn't been in great abundance lately. Katie demands her share which is significant, but I don't mind giving it to her.

With Super Metroid coming out on Virtual Console next week, I don't Guild Wars will be getting much of my time. Granted that the week following that the Guild Wars Expansion will be on the scene, so I won't be neglecting it for long.

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