Monday, July 30, 2007

She Lives Again

Gender Flipped Warrior

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Here's an update on my weekend Guild Wars progress (I know no one cares but me).

My elementalist managed to get his last 15 attribute points, which is a major check mark off the to-do list. He also capped an elite skill along the way. Next for him is progressing further in Elona... because I want to by him some Vabbi armor. That is unless the GW:EN ele armor turns out to be really cool (not holding my breath).

Satine, my main necromancer character, capped a few more mesmer elites. She's already got all the necromancer elites and most of the normal necro skills. Figured I'd work through the other profession's elites working through each campaign respectively. That way I can pick up each title along the way. There's still a long way to go.

On a side not I picked up a couple more gold items that pushed Satine's wisdom track almost to the half way point.

The biggest news is I finally deleted the mule monk that did nothing but hold item upgrade components. It took a bit, but I managed to find places for everything she was carrying and then deleted her worthless butt. After freeing up that character slot I decided to make a PvP character, since I've never bothered to keep one handy.

If you remember last April Fool's Day GW played a trick where they flipped the gender of your character. I was very impressed by my big drunken warrior's womanly twin, so much so that I've brought her back from the nebulous void. Behold Grimm Panda's new PvP sister Twin Panda!

Actually the above picture is from the Fool's Day event, but trust me... she looks exactly the same.

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