Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guild Wars Update


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Guild Wars: Eyes of the North (GWEN) is getting closer. In the build up to the expansion I'm trying to complete Nightfall with my necromancer Satine, who is the only character to beat the other 2 campaigns. With Nightfall complete I'll at least have gone through all campaigns once.

I started a new monk in prophesies with the lofty goal of getting her to level 20 before going post searing. Yup, I don't think that's going to happen. Getting up higher levels is a BIG pain and requires dedication, time, and playing with others (urgh, I don't like being forced to play with others).

So I think I'll shoot for level 10, which is hard enough. My other goal with this new monk is to gather the equipment necessary to have what is called a 55 monk. You do some tricks to get your health as low as possible (55 hitpoints) then use a skill that makes you practically invincible... until some sneaky enemy removes the skill or something.

They made some tweaks recently that makes Factions more fun, at least if you like farming faction points. I should have my warrior in a fancy new set of Kurzick armor pretty soon. I'm planning on making him look a little like Lucas, one of my favorite henchies.

Guild Wars is still tons of fun... when I have time to play it. That would mostly be late at night after the girls go to sleep (wife and daughter).

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