Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Star Wars Celebration 4

Buckle up for safety, I did

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It was a VERY long day at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but it was very cool too. It was like the Con over in Plano that we've been to a couple times, only much much bigger and with some better entertainment. Our little Yoda backpack came along for the ride, with a special job as water bottle holder... which turned out to be a godsend.

I could have done without the crowds, long lines, etc... but it was still a blast. Whoever was in charge of putting things where must not have been taking their medication, because things were a bit of a mess. The exhibition hall (which has the coolest stuff) was amazingly cramped, while the store and fan area looked practically sparse. And why were the R2 builders crammed in a little room. The convention center was huge, but poorly utilized.

Saw the one man Star Wars show, which was a laugh riot. Killed a few hours watching fan films (more Pink 5 please). Ended the day with Carrie Fisher, who was amazing.

All in all a great time, just wish it was in Dallas so I could have split the day up with a nap at home. Even better, how about having it at the Gaylord Texan here in Grapevine, which is huge and right at the end of town. Hmm?

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