Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NPR fights back, seeks rehearing on Internet radio royalty increases

Copyright issues irk me. So do Patent issues. Only a few other issues get my blood boling hotter. It is stupid that internet radio has to play royalties when normal radio does not. None of those royalties will ever make it to the original performers, so why in the world should those taxes-to-a-corporate-not-government-entitiy be mandated anyway.

If the US Congress wants to do something good for the people, they'll rewrite the patent and copyright laws. Let us share to our hearts content and let the business world work out how it is going to make money. They're good at it, so don't worry about them. Bands will be fine, they can do concerts and actually work for a living. The music itself shouldn't be a product, but an experience to be shared.

From digg:
National Public Radio has filed a motion for rehearing over the Copyright Royalty Board's decision to drastically increase royalty rates paid out by nonprofit and Internet radio stations. NPR's not happy, and the organization is kicking butts and taking names.

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