Thursday, August 17, 2006

Red Hair Against Dress Code

Nothing burns my butt more than schools getting crazy with the dress code. This story was on the news at 5 a.m. when our daughter decided to wake us up. After being flabbergasted for a bit I couldn't get back to sleep until I posted the story on Digg. Honestly, would you want your kid going to a school where they determine what is "natural" for your student based on their race? What are they teaching in that school!?!

My Post On Digg:
An African-American student at North Crowley High School has been given in-school suspension until she changes her un-"natural" hair color. Apparently African-American students can dye their hair blond, but red is right out. Is this a blatant case of racial discrimination? Will a genetic heritage check be mandatory to pass the dress code?

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