Saturday, May 27, 2006

Black Dye

Black Dye

I'm an avid fan of the online game Guild Wars and I've played enough to know that the picture above is actually interesting. When you first start the game, you begin in a newbie area where the grass is green and the monsters are so tough. While running around with a freshly created Ranger (name Old Hippie Dude, btw) one of the monsters dropped the item in the above picture.

Now the item says it is worth only 1 gold piece, this is the price the in game vendor will buy it for. Black Dye is actually worth around 9,000 gold, if you can find the right buyer. I almost fell out of my chair when the stupid bug dropped it. Still haven't sold it yet, but it's inevitable that I will.

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FlipSide said...

Note to self... you shouldn't have sold this dye. You got quite a bit for it, but it would have been more useful if you had kept it. Granted the armor dye previewing system didn't exist back then.