Thursday, June 9, 2005


I'm trying my hand at a little podcasting... sans the ipod.

The old Screen Savers gang from the defunct TechTV channel have created an online audio show. They're referring to it as This Week In Tech... i.e. TWIT. One of the guys who is stuck on G4 now, started his own online show called systm. It's short but pretty neat.

If I can find enough interesting feeds I can burn them to rewritable CD and have something worth listening to on the way between work and home.

Also from the same guy doing systm... is digg, which is kind of an improved Slashdot. On this site your peers and friends help promote stories to the front page (unlike Slashdot where it is up to the moderators or Taco). Haven't fully checked it out yet, but it looks quite compelling.

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