Tuesday, December 10, 2002

After a period of Neglect...

As always this update comes after a long period of neglect. I have my reasons though. I've been taking a web development course and thus all my web skills were needed for that. Also my life's finally managed to find someone to love. It was worth the wait, as she's really quite stupendous.

Since my class is now coming to an end I'll be tweaking the web site some. I've already been making some changes on the music player, which just makes it work a little better. I've added some more music to it as well. My vacation time is just around the corner, so I should have some more time for personal creativity.

If you've got some ideas for useful utility programs, interesting links, or any other inspirations just send them my way.

In the interim be sure to check out slashdot.org for the latest news that matters!

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